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The College Association of Liability Management (CALM) is an Interlocal Cooperation Act Agency of Oklahoma public colleges and universities. CALM is the largest provider of workers' compensation services to Oklahoma colleges and universities with each CALM member schools owning a piece of the organization. Our Workers Compensation program is fully insured and backed by CompSource Mutual (formerly CompSource Oklahoma), Oklahoma's largest Workers Compensation provider.

CALM is unlike other insurance providers. One annual premium is charged to CALM members for one year of coverage, without change as there will be no later payroll audit. Individual school premiums are based on individual school's performance. Loss control seminars are provided annually to all CALM members at no charge.

CALM is governed by a five-member board of trustees. All CALM trustees are elected by CALM membership, and serve five-year terms. CALM has been in service to Oklahoma colleges and universities since 1997.

The CALM mission is "to provide the most efficient and economical workers' compensation services to Oklahoma colleges and universities." The CALM board of trustees and administration strive to uphold this mission, and to provide the very best service to our members at all times.