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Board Meeting

College   Association   of   Liability   Management

Special Meeting to be held via Zoom
May 14, 2020 1:30 P.M.
Video Zoom Site:
888-475-4499 US Toll-free
877-853-5257 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 956 5650 2549
East Central University                                             Jessica Kilby via Zoom 
Northeastern State University                                     Christy Landsaw via Zoom
Northwestern Oklahoma State                                    Dr. David Pecha via Zoom
Southeastern Oklahoma State                                    Dennis Westman via Zoom
Southwestern Oklahoma State                                    Brenda Burgess via Zoom
University of Central Oklahoma                          Kevin Freeman via Zoom Connors 
State College                                               Mike Lewis via Zoom
Eastern Oklahoma State College                                   Amy Armstrong via Zoom Northern 
Oklahoma College                                       Anita Simpson via Zoom Oklahoma City 
Community College                                  Tina S. Sumler via Zoom
Murray State College                                              Justin Cellum via Zoom Redlands 
Community College                                       Kim Andrade via Zoom
Seminole State College                                          Courtney Jones via Zoom
Tulsa Community College                                        Matthew Sharpe via Zoom Western 
Oklahoma State College                                  Melissa Maples via Zoom
RUSO Office                                               Sheridan McCaffree via Zoom



1.        Call to Order

2.        Roll Call

3.        Approval of Minutes from May 9, 2019, annual regular meeting.

4.        Discussion and possible action to accept FY19 external CALM audit prepared by RSM US, 

5.        Discussion and possible action to contract with RSM US, LLP, to conduct CALM external 
financial audit.

6.        Report and update on CALM by Jerry Whorton, Bill Beckman, and Tom Beckman on
recent performance dividend checks mailed to CALM members and FY21 premium notices. Discussion and 
possible action on report and update.

7.        Third Party Administrator (TPA) report by Richard Fisher, President of CBR, on current 
program and any recent legislation. Discussion and possible action on report and update.

8.        Discussion on the impact of COVID-19.

9.        Announcements

10.      Adjourn