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Customer Payment and Claim Center

CALM has contracted an Oklahoma company, Consolidated Benefits Resources (CBR) to administer your Workers' Compensation Claim.

Company Background:
CBR is Oklahoma-owned and has provided workers' compensation third party claims administration to employers in Oklahoma since 1968. Today, claims offices are located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Our Mission:
To expedite an injured worker's medical care so that they can return to their job as soon as possible.

Enhanced Claim Management:
Team Approach - A team approach is used to allow you to get to know your adjuster, but also to maintain a high degree of supervision. If your adjuster is out of the office, the supervisor can readily solve your needs.

For filing a Workers Compensation Claim, please submit a Workers Compensation Claim Report - Form 2 to CBR at one of the address or contact numbers below. 

Oklahoma City office:
Post Office Box 13770
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73113
405.848.3387 telephone
800. 822.5733 toll free telephone
405.840.4298 facsimile
800. 898.6465 toll free facsimile

Tulsa office
Post Office Box 581630
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158-1630
918.594.5170 telephone
800.826.0419 toll free telephone
918.594.5171 facsimile
888.594.5171 toll free facsimile