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Customer Claim Center

CALM has contracted an Oklahoma company, Consolidated Benefits Resources (CBR) to administer your Workers' Compensation Claim.

Company Background:
CBR is Oklahoma-owned and has provided workers' compensation third party claims administration to employers in Oklahoma since 1968. Today, claims offices are located in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Our Mission:
To expedite an injured worker's medical care so that they can return to their job as soon as possible.

Enhanced Claim Management:
Team Approach - A team approach is used to allow you to get to know your adjuster, but also to maintain a high degree of supervision. If your adjuster is out of the office, the supervisor can readily solve your needs.

For filing a Workers Compensation Claim, please submit a Workers Compensation Claim Report - FROI to CBR at one of the address or contact numbers below. Email to Register for online filing at


Post Office Box 581630
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158-1630
918.594.5170 telephone
800.826.0419 toll free telephone
918.594.5171 facsimile
888.594.5171 toll free facsimile